ShaDonna McPhaul

Chief Executive Officer ShaDonna McPhaul, also known as ‘Mo’ is a combat veteran with 20 years of loyal service to the United States Air Force. Her versatile military expertise covers Public Affairs, Administrative Support, Knowledge Operations Management, Command & Control, Human Resources & Logistics Management, and Religion & Resiliency Support.

Mo’s military service has spanned multiple states including Texas, Mississippi, Florida, North Carolina, Hawaii, and New Mexico. Her appreciation of cultural diversity has been cultivated with international tours to Korea, Germany. She has also deployed to Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and Afghanistan.

She merged her compassion and entrepreneurial spirit and created Mo’s Heroes Inc and The Mo You Know, LLC.

As Chief Executive Officer and Founder, her vision is for The Mo You Know, LLC to be the conduit to provide small businesses more exposure into their target audiences and introduce new audiences to the small business.

Mo has been featured in GI Jobs Magazine, U.S. Veterans Magazine, Be Encouraged Magazine, Life in the Overflow Magazine, The Huffington Post, The State of New Office of African American Affairs Statewide Focus Magazine, and the Fayetteville Observer.

Mo has received several awards and recognition to include the Special Achievement Award from the NAACP-Honolulu Branch, The Mountaire Farms “Better Carolina Award, and the Values.com “Hero of the Month” for January 2015.

Mo is also the former host of “The Mo You Know” Radio Show on ESPN Fay 100.1 FM and 1230AM.

Mo is a co-author in the best-selling book “Shift On”. Her chapter “Mo Power to You” represents her vision of courage and support to fellow service member and families in transition.

She is the loving mother of son, Charles and a proud native of Fayetteville, North Carolina.

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In “SHIFT ON: Twenty Stories of Turning Trials into Triumph,” bestselling author Nikki Woods collaborates with ShaDonna McPhaul and 19 other contributors who unleash soul-stirring inspirational biographical tales.


ShaDonna brings to the table and the microphone real life expertise and experience in radio as a former radio host of “The Mo You Know” Radio Show on ESPN Fay 100.1 FM and 1230AM.


ShaDonna’s mind is still full of ideas on how she can help you with your marketing and media goals based on what she has learned over the last couple of years promoting Mo’s Heroes!

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Copyright ©2021 All rights reserved - The Mo You Know